You have your artwork finalized and you are now ready to get your project going. Now you have to figure out your style and options for your awesome design! There are so many options of garments to choose from, where do start? How do you choose?

There are a few things to take into consideration at this stage, like what are you going to be doing with these products once they are done? Will they be giveaways for a promotion or event? Or are they going to be sold at a retail price?  Are they for employees and your business? If so, what kind of business do you have? Let's say you have a construction or landscaping business, if that is the case then a heavy weight, economical shirt is the best choice. Is your business a salon, or retail operation? If that is the case, then a more fitted, stylish shirt is the way to go.

Here are Nifty's favorite garment brands for these kind of scenarios. 


Gildan makes a great line of active and lounge wear at an economical price. These shirts are best for contractors, landscapers and people that need a heavy weight durable T-shirt. 

Bella canvas

Bella + Canvas is the perfect line for style and comfort, a little more expensive than your Gildan line, but worth the extra cash if style and feel is what you are looking for.

Next level 

Next Level is the most stylish, and trendy shirt. A lot like American Apparel, this line is best for clothing lines, and people that plan on selling these shirts at a retail price.

Still need help? Feel free to contact me to talk about your options and budget. I am here to help you get the right shirt/product for your project.