Nifty Print Shop is an eco-friendly shop, and we offer three types of water based ink systems. Depending on your garment type and style of print you are looking for, there are these systems to choose between. Any PMS color can be mixed for your project.

Green Galaxy Water Based Inks

These awesome water based inks work best on light colored garments, or over a white under base. With a soft "Hand" these are great every day inks for Nifty Prints. The Green Galaxy WB system comes in 15 awesome colors. This ink can be printed on blended garments.


R2O CMS Discharge Inks

The Green Galaxy Discharge Inks are perfect for 100% Cotton garments. This system actually dyes the garment, leaving the softest "Hand" of all inking systems. Once washed, you can barely feel the imprint. These inks do fade with the garment over time however, when choosing this type of ink, you ultimate goal is the ultra soft feel of the ink on the garment. 


Green Galaxy Fusion Inks

The Fusion system from Green Galaxy is a fantastic water based inking system used for clients and designs with specific PMS colors. Along with a very soft "Hand" these inks are best on light color garments, or over a white under base. When it comes down to matching Pantone colors, this system is spot on!