Custom Printed Label

Custom Printed Label

Branding Labels

Do you have a clothing line, and want to brand the size labels? You tend to see custom printed labels more and more these days, and on occasion you see those fancy fully embroidered labels. Awesome right? Well there are always things to consider when thinking of branding your size labels, or getting embroidered labels for your garments. Here are some things to think of before adding those labels. 

Custom size labels will always add an extra cost to your overall price, and you have options when it comes to branding your labels. You also have restrictions when it comes to this process depending on which type of label you want. 

  • Custom Labeling can be an expensive addition to your garment, however the perceived value also goes up with these awesome little labels. When it comes to custom embroidered labels, you will need to be doing massive runs of them, as most companies that create those custom labels have minimum orders of 1,000 pieces or more! Then you will need someone to tear out the old labels, and sew the new ones on. A lot of work, and that means more money. I currently do not offer these types of labels, but can guide you in the right direction if this is what you want to do. 
  • Custom Printed Labels are the way to go on smaller runs. I do offer printed labels for a small additional print cost. There are still a couple of things to decide on, when doing the printed labels. First, is the choice of garment. There are some brands that offer "Tear Away" labels, that are simply removed before the printing process. These are made specifically for printing size labels. Not all brands of garments offer "Tear Away" labels, and some brands even have printed labels on them already. So your choices of brands and styles are slightly limited when wanting these printed labels. The next concern is the "Hand" of the printed label. If printed too thick, the ink sometimes bleeds through, and you can almost see the label from the outside of the shirt. It can also be "itchy" to the touch, the same way a label feels. I always suggest a simple 1 stroke print which has a softer "Hand", and is not 100% Opaque. 
  • Vinyl Heat Transfers are another great option for smaller batch runs of printed labels. These are printed digitally onto a vinyl sheeting, and simply fused onto the garment with a heat pad. Unlike the printed version, these labels are always 100% opaque, but have a heavier "Hand". I do offer these vinyl transfer labels, however I do not create the labels. You will need to pay for all printing costs for these vinyl labels, and an additional cost for application onto the garments. 

I hope this helps you understand what branding labels takes, and what your options are for branding your size labels.