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As the craft of sign painting is making it's comeback, business owners are realizing that having a unique hand crafted sign is far more attractive and engaging than a giant plastic banner, or sterile vinyl graphic. We offer custom shaped wood signs, wall art and murals, glass gilding and window decorating.  

We understand getting people to notice your business is one of the most important things in attracting customers. One of the best ways to do that is by having an amazing sign that represents you and your business, that will engage with the public and make them interested in who you are and what you do. We offer paper, wood, metal and other hand crafted signs.

Listed below is the way to start a custom sign. Once we get all this in order, we can move on to the next step towards getting your awesome project done!

Getting started

Looking for a great sign for business or personal project? That's great, and Nifty is ready to help you get your signs crafted, painted, and installed. Let's start with the artwork. In order to recreate your logo or artwork, We will need a copy of the image preferably a high resolution image that can be blown up. Once we have the image printed to scale and "Pounced", we are ready to paint! 

Don't have artwork? Well we designed hundreds of Signs and Wall graphics, and can help you get a great image for your project. Just contact us with your ideas, doodles, and comments regarding your artwork needs. 

The next thing we need to get this going, is the type of sign you need. There are all sorts of signs that can be created for your project, whether you are doing paper signs for an event, wood signs for your restaurant, or metal signs for something more durable. Looking for chalkboard signs? No problem, those are always fun too. If you are looking for wall art or a site specific sign, having the dimensions of your sign are important. Make sure you include those with your project summary. 


Are you ready to start your sign project? We are excited to help you get your signs crafted and painted, so give us some of your project ideas, questions, and comments. We will get right back to you with options, pricing, and any other answers to your questions. 

Wecreate signs with high quality oil paints, unless otherwise requested. Nifty also work with one of the most talented wood craft artists in the Bay Area, so you can be confident your signs will crafted with quality. 

I Look forward to hearing from you!

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A business with no sign, is a sign of no business!