What are your minimum order quantities?

We keep ordering simple, and easy to understand our minimums. For each color in your design, we require you order at least one dozen pcs. Sure we understand that you may not need 36 pc of your 3 color design. We will bend the rules on occasion, however we will charge more than our standard pricing for a 3 color print job. Prices will also be adjusted for additional print locations. 

Can I mix garment styles and colors in my order?

You can, however if we have to adjust the print method on some of the garments, your price per print may cost more on some of those garments. Ask us when you are ready to order if the print method will change based off of your choice of garments. 

What is the turn around time?

Generally speaking, once your payment is made and the digital proofs are approved, we can print your job in 5 to 10 business days. There are all kinds of things that can make an order take longer, such as stock levels at our distributors warehouse, changes in garments, print sizes, and ink colors also take us longer to set up and print. 

Can you rush our order?

We do our best to get your print job in your hands as soon as possible, and in some cases can bump your production up when you absolutely need to have your garments in time for an event or pressing delivery date. We do charge a fee for rush orders. If you must have your project within a week, we add a 3% RUSH fee. Any orders that are 2 days to deliver, we charge a 10% RUSH fee. Unfortunately, we do not stock garments here at the studio so getting the blanks quicker than 2 days can be tricky and your style choices may be limited. We can do same day orders in some cases, and those rare occasions do happen every once in a while. When they do occur, we charge a 50% SAME DAY RUSH fee. 

Can I provide my own garments?

You can, but we do not replace any garments with manufacturing flaws, or miss printed garments. Although we pride ourselves on our quality of craftsmanship, mistakes do happen. If we make any mistakes we will adjust your invoice so that you are not charged for the print. 


I need more!

Run out of the awesome shirts we printed for you? No problem, we can always make more. One thing to consider, is that your first order may have cost more or less depending on how many you got the first time around. Every time you place an order, it is as if you are placing an order for the first time. The pricing is always based off of the quantity of prints you need. And like most products, the more you buy, the cheaper it is. 

Do you help with artwork

Yes, and believe it or not, there are many steps in preparing artwork for screen printing. We do not charge for the standard artwork preparations, such as creating underbase films, resizing artwork for print, and color corrections for output. If you are looking for a professionally designed, original logo or design for your print project, let us help you. From conception to sketch, to final digital and print ready files, we are here to help you create an awesome design that you will love. We charge an hourly rate of $25, and most projects take a couple hours to complete. Some quicker, some take longer. Let's talk about your project!