When it comes to design, I believe color is just as important as the design itself. Just like when you are painting your house, it is sometimes a tedious process to get the perfect color for your designs. The last thing you want when working with a printer, is to get a batch of prints with the wrong print color!

With the use of Green Galaxy "Fusion" Mixing system, Nify can get as close to your custom PMS colors as humanly possible. The "Fusion" system matches the Solid Uncoated Pantone color book guide. Please refer to the Solid Uncoated Pantone Formula Guide when doing your design work in Illustrator, Photoshop, or whichever program you create your design in. 

Although the "Fusion" system is the most accurate on the market, there are always limitations and discrepancies. The color of the fabric is just one element that may cause slight variations to printed substrates. 

Color proofs can be supplied via email, or phone texts at no extra charge to Nifty clients. Unlike most print shops, I do NOT charge a fee for color matching.