On Press with Brian Esayde


Brian Esayde is a good friend to Nifty, and an amazing artist based in San Francisco. We always say that we are the artist's print shop, and this is proof! This was a nutso job, and getting the print out of just 6 screens started with the separations. We ended up halftoning the red and blue screens and printed the areas that were halftoned over the top of the yellow, giving us the orange and greens. We also added halftones to the red screen where you see the darker pinks in the ear and nipple. It took longer to prepare the artwork for the screens that it did to set the print up on the press. As far as inks go, we went with our ultra soft pigments, with a higher concentrate of the opaque base. The Bella Canvas soft pink shirts take the ink very well and allowed us to only flash dry the yellow and white. The print order went Pink, Yellow, flash, red, blue, white, flash, and finally the black!

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