On Press with Napa Cork


We just finished a pretty large run of these Napa Cork shirts, in a few colors. For the dark shirts, we did our standard Discharge for all three colors. Using the Green Galaxy Fusion ink system, it is a breeze matching colors across the board, and the Ryonet brand of Discharge white is super bright on every garment we have used it with. For the white, and light colored shirts, we ran our Ultra Soft inks. The difference between the two is that the discharge will fade with the garment, where the Ultra Soft inks will tend to stay bright despite the fade of the garments. In our wash test, we noticed that the Hanes tagless shirts did fade in just the first wash, where the Gildan brand shirts kept their original coloring much better.  As for the Ryonet discharge white, although it is much brighter white, it is not as soft after the wash as just mixing the pigment with the standard discharge clear base. I think we will leave that up to our customers to decide which they prefer. 

On Pressjeff meadows