Skunks Paint Crew

skunks front .jpg
skunks back.jpg
skunks hoodie over zip.jpg

For the Skunks Paint Crew, we rocked a bunch of swag to represent while in Tennessee painting the Bonnaroo Music Festival grounds. For the black, we did a Discharge print on both front and the back. Using the color of the shirt as the outline, and lettering within the drip part of the design. On the white zippered hoodies, we experimented with a 3 color "Over the Zip" print. We used our Ultra Soft ink on these hoodies as they are white. We were stoked on how the ink soaked into the cracks of the hoodie at the seams and still was sharp enough to read the "wet paint" text in the background. 

The secret to printing these was not just having stroked the artwork to compensate for the registration, or having a nice amount of "Off Contact" from the screen surface above the garment. It was the neoprene padding that was applied to the platen, to ensure a soft surface for the hoodie to stick to, allowing the ink to soak into the fabric. That was the key! That technique is our pro tip to other printers out there looking to accomplish that over the zipper print!

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