our roots

Nifty is a small screen printing studio doing big things here in Richmond California. Artist and print maker Jeff Meadows started Nifty in 2016, and in just a short period of time, has gained recognition within the Bay Area as one of the best screen printers and print studios around. 

"I used to air brush shirts when I was a kid, and after I got my first screen printing kit in the 80s, knew that I wasn't going to be a  race car driver or stunt man anymore lol" - Jeff Meadows

Our craft

Screen printing is an art form that not anybody can do well without years of experience. We have over 13 years of print making experience, and feel that we are still perfecting our craft of printing apparel. From the first few stages of preparing artwork, making screens, and mixing inks. To the final stages of actually setting up and printing the project, it's the process of printing apparel that what we love to do. 

our practice

We use water based inks and products here at Nifty, which allows us to cut down the amount of waste a normal print shop will produce. Compared to your typical oil based inks, our inks require no harsh chemicals to work with, or clean up. Rather than tossing out hundreds of plastic cups (used for mixing inks), we simply wash our containers on a daily basis. Because our inks are water based, we don't go through hundreds of pairs of latex or vinyl gloves either, just a ittle bit of old fashioned pumice soap and water! We have also substituted aersosol products with eco-friendly water based products. 

"If spending ten extra minutes to mix inks, or 20 minutes longer to clean up at the end of the day, then let's do it. Our kids will appreciate our efforts, we will live a few years longer, and our customers will feel the difference of a softer better print" - Jeff Meadows

our goal

Building lasting relationships with new clients, helping people promote their business, brand, or event, teaching and sharing our craft, and having a blast along the way!. We make cool stuff, and that is cool. Let's get together, and make your vision come to life! 

"My parents taught me to find something I love to do, and do it well. The rest will come naturally" -Jeff Meadows
Thank you for visiting us, we look forward to working with all of you!