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Price Guide


Price Guide


is always based on the quantity of prints. Each color in a design counts as an individual print.

With that in mind, you can use the print guide below to compute the total print cost. 

With all of the garments available, it is impossible to give an accurate quote without knowing which style, color, and sizes you are interested in printing on. 

We offer a wide variety of garments, from economical to retail quality, the choice is yours!

On top of printing, we also offer a few other services such as screen printed size labels, foil printing, custom hang tags, bagging & shipping, and order fulfillment programs. 

Contact Nifty to find out the options for your custom project!

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we have No set up charges or screen fees on NIfty orders!

order minimums

  • 1 Color Design / 24 pc Minimum
  • 2 Color Design / 48 pc Minimum
  • 3 Color Design /  48 pc Minimum
  • 4 Color Design / 60 pc Minimum
  • 5 Color Design / 72 pc Minimum
  • 6 Color Design / 120 pc Minimum


  • 10-50 Pieces I $3.50 per print 
  • Add $1.50 per additional print.
  • 50-150 Pieces I $2.50 per print
  • Add $1.25 per additional print.
  • 150-500 Pieces I $1.50 per print
  • Add $1.00 per additional print.

Prices above do not include the garment. Garment prices range by Size / Color / Brand.

Check out our Deals page for some Nifty Bulk Price Discounts!

Printing turnaround time

We generally stick to a turnaround time of 3 to 5 business days for our printing turnaround time. Unless our distributors are out of stock, we get our garment orders one or two days after we place the order. In some cases we need to order special ingredients for your custom printed job, and in those rare cases we like to leave a couple working days for our suppliers to get those ingredients to us. 

Not everyone plans ahead, and in some cases you have to place that "Rush" order so that you get your printed project in hand just in time for your event. We will always do our best to get it done, and in many cases have been printing in the middle of the night to make sure our customers get their goods in time! 

When placing your "Rush" order, please be prepared to pay a fee for us to juggle our schedule, and get everything necessary in order to get it finished and into your hands in time. A 10% of order fee is charged to complete special orders within a 3 day window. A 25% of order fee is charged for a 2 day window. In some cases we can get garments on the same day, and complete those orders that same day, however some brands and styles are limited, and we also cut off designs to a maximum of 3 colors for those orders. We charge 35% of order fee for those insane rush orders. 

It is always best to call us regarding these types of orders to confirm the schedule, and get the project going right away!