Choosing the right garment

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Choosing the right garment for your project is the first, and most important step in custom printed apparel. With all of the different brands, styles, and fabric types, it can be a daunting task to find the perfect garment. We can help you narrow down the search, and here are some of the main things to think about before you even get into the thousands of options available to you. 

If you still need help choosing the right garment, feel free to reach out and we can help you filter through the styles, and find the best options for your custom printed project!

Are you going to be selling your shirts on a retail level? 

If so, we suggest using either Bella+Canvas, Next Level, or American Apparel. These are the most stylish, fashion fitted garments on the market. 

Are your going to be giving the shirts away as a promotional product?

We recommend either Gildan, FOL, or Jerseys for projects like these as the price point for these brands are much more cost-effective than the fashion brands listed above. 

Do your garments have to be a certain color for branding reasons?

If you are going to be using your apparel for employee uniforms, or to represent your company that has specifically branded colorways, you may be limited to a few options. When browsing through catalogs, it is going to be a good idea to first find garments that offer colors that will work with your branded colors. 

Thinking of weights is important!

When looking through catalogs, it is important to look at the weight of the garments. You do not want a 6.5oz shirt for a crew that works in the sun all day. You will also not want a 4oz shirt for your team that works outside at night!

Make it your favorite!

Whether you are giving away your shirts, outfitting your crew, or selling online, you want people to wear them, and wear them often. The more they wear your brand, the more people will see your logo, the more impact your investment will make. Thinking about the points listed above, you can make a product that people will love to wear!  

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