I specialize in printing apparel. With the newest equipment and over 12 years of experience printing, Nifty screen printing shop creates amazing apparel for your artwork and business. I offer a wide variety of brands, low cost printing prices, and quick turn around times for those "Need to have now" jobs. 


As an artist I have been printing paper posters, coasters, matchbooks, book covers and a long list of other paper products and fine art prints for myself and other artists and businesses. I use high quality papers and substrates, and the finest water based archival inks to create rich vibrant printed paper products.


Nifty also prints on wood! Give your signage and artwork a classy look by going to wood panels. With the Nifty, you can create limited edition fine art prints on wooden panels the same way you do on paper... Only way cooler! Store signage is also another awesome thing I do on wood panels.